Blotto Review

For me, Blotto is one of the all time classic short films. Stan is married to a woman who treats him more like a child than a husband. Given Stan's apparent lack of common sense this is probably just as well. Mrs Laurel is fed up with Stan hitting the town with Ollie, and so decides that she will prevent him from going out.

So when Ollie telephones to invite Stan to a new club, Mrs Laurel is listening to the entire conversation from the extension, including Stan telling Ollie "She's so dumb, she'll never know...."
Stan concocts a plan that will get him out of the house, by sending himself a telegram, seemingly from his employers. The already aware Mrs Laurel plays along with this, despite the fact that Stan is decidedly transparent regardless of the fact that the call was overheard.

There is some amusing interplay between Stan and his wife, most notably during the sending of the telegram, and Stan's insistance that he didn't really want to go out.
While Stan is getting ready, Mrs Laurel is in the kitchen, replacing the contents of a liquer bottle with some fairly hideous substances, ranging from cold tea to tabasco sauce.

Stan, naturally helps himself to the bottle, and makes his way to the club, with a cheery goodbye to both him, and Ollie, from Mrs Hardy.

The scenes at the club are possibly the most amusing part of the film, as Stan and Ollie convince themselves that they are getting drunk on Mrs Laurel's finest liquer. The scene with Stan's wiggling ears is hilarous, and the "ear's gag" has been employed in several films since.
Naturally all good things must come to an end, and Mrs Laurel arrives at the club, armed with a rather large shotgun. The film ends with Stan and Ollie being "chased out of town", by a very irate Mrs Laurel.

All in all, this film is well worthwhile checking out, if you haven't already.
Given it's age, it is a well directed and classic piece of comedy. After all, I named the site after it...what more needs to be said.

There is little to find fault with in this film, it contains everything a Laurel and Hardy fan would want..the usual slapstick, an irate wife, and a plausible plot.

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