Laurel and Hardy Sounds Page


Call of the Cuckoo's Wave File.
Well, here's another nice mess...
Stan's infamous cry
Jimmy Finlayson - Dohhh...
We seem to have made a little Faux Pas
For the first time in our lives...
Stan saying Goodbye (Great for closing Windows)
Why don't you do something to help me!
Incidental music clip
Another version of 'Another Nice Mess'
Ollie 'No..No..No..No..No..!
Ollie falling over
Stan 'We're not sorry....'
Stan 'Step on it Ollie...'
Stan telling Fin Ollie will be Ten Minutes


The CooCoo Theme Tune
CooCoo Variation 1
CooCoo Variation 2
Honolulu Baby
Gentle version of 'Pom Pom' from Them Thar Hills
Pack up your Troubles
Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Theme variation on Steel Drums


Trail of the Lonesome Pine (2.03 mins 847k)
Lazy Moon (2.17 mins 940k)
Theme Tune (The CooCoo Song
Commence to Dancing
March of the Wooden Soldiers
Rocking Chair
Beau Hunks - Riding Along (Incidental Music)
Honolulu Baby
Lazy Moon Version 2

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