Original Film Poster for Way Out West Way Out West - A Celebration of 70 Years of Laurel and Hardy

On the 8th of September 1998, the official 70th Anniversary of Laurel and Hardy took place. It was on this date, in 1928, that saw the release of "Should Married Men Go Home?", the first film branded a 'Laurel and Hardy' release, and to celebrate this, I have decided to take an in depth look at one of their most successful films of all time.
Released on April 16th 1937, this film has become widely acclaimed amongst fans as one of the all time classic Laurel and Hardy feature length films.

It seems remarkable that a film of only 60 minutes could be packed with as much comedy, action and as many plotlines as Way Out West, especially in the days where most films exceed 2 hours or more.

Nevertheless, Way Out West achieves everything it sets out to, and this is my personal dedication to Stan and Ollie, and their millions of fans everywhere.

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