The Silent Films of Laurel and Hardy
Year refers to date of commencement of filming.
Film release date is given separately.

Lucky Dog

Released October 1921. Stan finds a stray dog, and enters it into a show. He is then accused of being a dog napper. In the meantime, he is also on the run from a bandit (Oliver Hardy).

Slipping Wives

Released April 3, 1927. Stan is hired by the wife of an artist, in order to make her husband jealous. However Stan finds it difficult to tell which is the husband, and which is his wife's male friend. Ollie plays a butler who complicates matters further.

Forty Five Minutes from Hollywood

Released December 26, 1926. A simple country boy hopes to pay off his mortgage by going to Hollywood. While he is there, he comes across a group of bank robbers disguised as a film crew. When they are found out, a chase leads to the Hollywood Hotel, where Ollie plays the hotel detective. Stan is also a guest at the hotel, playing the character of a washed up actor. Stan and Ollie have no scenes together.

Be Your Age

No synopsis available.

With Love and Hisses

Released August 28, 1927. Stan is a rather wimpy private, who is prone to weeping. His Seargent (Ollie) and Captain (Finlayson) give him orders which he is bound to mess up.

Why Girls Love Sailors

Released July 17, 1927. When Stan's wife-to-be is kidnapped, he poses as a woman to try and get her back. Unfortunately, his plan backfires when the kidnapper falls for him too.

Sugar Daddies

Released September 10, 1927 (Silent - two reels) Jimmy Finlayson plays a rich businessman who wakes up with no recollection of the fact he got married the night before. His lawyer (Stan) and butler (Ollie) try to help him out of this situation.

Should Tall Men Marry?

No synopsis available.

The Second Hundred Years

Released October 8, 1927. Posing as a pair of painters Stan and Ollie escape from prison.

Sailors Beware

Released September 25, 1927. Stan ends up at sea with a jewel thief, her midget husband, and a womanising Ollie who can't stay away from the female passengers.

The Rap

No synopsis available.

Putting Pants On Philip

Released December 3, 1927. A young Scotsman named Philip (Stan) has arrived in America. His uncle (Ollie) has the misfortune of meeting him at the dock and looking after him. Philip's weakness for chasing women and refusal to trade his kilts for pants is enough to drive his uncle to frustration.

Love 'Em and Weep

Released June 12, 1927. Stan's boss is being blackmailed by an old flame, and it is Stan's job to keep her out of the way until her demands can be met.

Let George Do It

No synopsis available.

Hats Off!

Released November 5, 1927 (Silent - two reels) Stan and Ollie are door to door washing machine salesmen, who have to drag their merchandise to the top of a huge flight of stairs. (This film is thought to no longer exist.)

Flying Elephants

Released February 12, 1928. Stan and Ollie are cavemen, competing against each other for a mate.

Eve's Love Letters

No synopsis available.

Duck Soup

Released March 13, 1927. While Colonel Blood is on safari, two tramps (Stan and Ollie) decide to take up temporary residence in his mansion. But when a young couple wishes to rent the home, the boys pretend to be the rightful owners.

Do Detectives Think?

Released November 20, 1927. A judge who has just sentenced a man to death calls on two detectives (Stan and Ollie) for protection.

Call of the Cuckoos

Released October 15, 1927 (Silent - two reels) Mr. Gimplewart becomes tired of the antics of his neighbours (Laurel, Hardy, Chase, and Finlayson), so he decides to move only to find his new home is a disaster.

Battle of the Century

Released December 31, 1927. Ollie is the manager of the world's worst prize fighter (Stan). After Stan looses the fight, Ollie buys an insurance policy on Stan and then tries to create an accident so they can collect. The real battle ensues at the end of the film, with the largest custard pie fight in film history. (Over 4000 REAL pies were used, hence the name of the film, also a parody on the legendary Dempsey-Tunney fight of the same year.)

You're Darn Tootin'

Released April 21, 1928. Having lost their jobs in an orchestra, Stan and Ollie find themselves playing their pitiful excuse for music on the streets. The stress of their situation turns them against each other, which causes a street fight involving them and anyone else who happens to be on the street.

We Faw Down...AKA We Slip Up

Released December 29, 1928. Stan and Ollie lie to their wives, telling them that they are going to see a show, when in reality they plan to join a poker game. On the way to the game, they attempt to help two women and end up falling in a muddy gutter. They return to the womens' place to let their clothes dry, and proceed to get drunk, and then thrown out by a jealous boyfriend.

Two Tars

Released November 3, 1928. Stan and Ollie a pair of hapless sailors, who spend their day of shore leave stuck in a traffic jam. When tempers flare, one fight begins to lead to another.

Their Purple Moment

Released May 19, 1928. The boys plan to go out for a night on the town. Earlier, Stan's wife finds his secret hiding place and replaces all of his money with cigar coupons. Stan fails to notice this until he and Ollie have run up a massive bill at the restaurant.

Should Married Men Go Home?

Released September 8, 1928. Stan and Ollie may their way to the golf course, whereupon they meet two young ladies and they form a foursome, that results in a mud fight between the other golfers.

Leave 'Em Laughing

Released October 28, 1927. After Stan's efforts at extracting his aching tooth fail, Ollie takes him to a dentist. At the dentist's office, both Stan and Ollie are filled with laughing gas. Soon after, they wreak havoc when they attempt to drive home.

Habeas Corpus

Released December 1, 1928. The boys are hired by a mad scientist to steal a dead body from the cemetery for an experiment.

From Soup to Nuts

Released March 24, 1928. Stan and Ollie are hired as waiters for a affluent dinner party, by a posh hostess (Anita Garvin). The boys end up serving most of the food to the floor,and the hostess has a remarkable inability to eat that cherry from the top of her fruit cocktail.

The Finishing Touch

Released February 25, 1928. A man offers Stan and Ollie $500 if they can finish construction on his home by noon the following Monday. Only four things stand in their way: the nurse at the hospital next door, Kennedy the cop, and Stan and Ollie themselves.

Early to Bed

Release October 6, 1928. Ollie has just inherited a fortune from his late uncle. He lives in luxury, with Stan as his servant. However, it is only a matter of time before Stan decides he has had enough of Ollie's abuse and he fights back.

Wrong Again

Released February 23, 1929. Stan and Ollie are working at a stable when they find out that "Blue Boy" is missing and the millionaire owner wants it back. When they think that "Blue Boy" the horse is the missing possession (As opposed to the famous painting), they deliver the horse to the millionaire's mansion.

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