Laurel and Hardy Filmography 1929-1950

Year refers to date of commencement of filming.
Film release date is given separately.

Unaccustomed As We Are

Released May 4, 1929. Ollie's wife is fed up of making dinner for his friends, so when Stan arrives for a meal they enlist the help of the woman who lives across the hall. Her husband is a police officer,and when he comes looking for his wife--who is now in her underwear, due to the fact her dress caught fire. The boys hide her from her husband in a trunk.

They Go Boom
Released September 21, 1929. Stan tries everything he can think of to cure Ollie's illness.

That's My Wife
Released March 23, 1929. (Silent although with sync music & sound effects). Ollie is going to collect a large inheritance from his uncle, provided he can prove that he is happily married. When Stan causes Mrs. Hardy to leave Ollie, Stan pretends that he is Mrs. Hardy in order to convince the uncle of their happiness.

Perfect Day
Released August 10, 1929. A family picnic in the countryside is what Stan and Ollie have planned, that is until they encounter trouble with their car, their neighbours, and their uncle (played by Edgar Kennedy).

Men O'War
Released June 29, 1929. Stan and Ollie are sailors on shore leave. They meet two women at the park, for who they buy sodas and then rent a rowboat for a cruise on the lake.

Liberty...AKA Criminals At Large
Released January 29, 1929 (Silent with although with sync music & sound effects). Two escaped convicts, Stan and Ollie, dump their prison clothes for street clothes. Realizing they have each other's pants, a change must be made. By the time they find a private place to change, they are on top of an unfinished skyscraper.

The Hoose Gow
Released November 16, 1929. The boys are wrongly imprisoned and end up in a labour camp.

The Hollywood Revue of 1929
Released November 23, 1929 (Feature). Stan and Ollie appear as magicians in this all-star revue.

Double Whoopee
Released May 18, 1929 (Silent). Stan and Ollie are the new doorman and bellboy at a posh hotel.

Big Business
Released April 20, 1929 (Silent). Christmas tree salesmen Stan and Ollie are somewhat unsuccessful in their efforts to make a sale. Their last attempt starts out as a simple case of rejection and ends up as an full scale battle.

Berth Marks
Released June 1, 1929. Vaudevillians, Stan and Ollie, are on a train heading to Pottsville. After accidentally causing the other passengers to engage in a clothes ripping melee, the boys become entwined with one another while changing into their pyjamas in their sleeping quarters.

Bacon Grabbers
Released October 19, 1929 (Silent with sync music & sound effects). The boys have a subpoena to repossess a radio from Edgar Kennedy, which they eventually get...and subsequently destroy.

Angora Love
Released December 14, 1929 (Silent with sync music & sound effects). A goat follows Stan and Ollie everywhere, after Stan gives it some food. They end up taking it home and attempt to give it a bath because it smells so terrible.

School's Out
No Synopsis Available.

The Rogue Song
Released January 17, 1930 (Technicolor Feature). The boys play the sidekicks to Yegor, a young rebel who fights against the Cossacks (whenever he is not singing, of course). Yegor falls in love with the sister of the Cossack leader. Stan and Ollie are here purely for comic relief. No complete print of this film is known to exist.

Night Owls
Released January 4, 1930. Stan and Ollie are vagrants, hired by Officer Edgar Kennedy to burgle the Chief of Police's house. Kennedy sets it up so that he can make the arrest, with the promise that he will get the boys off after he catches them.

The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case
Released September 6, 1930. While fishing at the pier, Ollie tells Stan about Ebenezer Laurel, a wealthy man, who has died and that all relatives should make themselves present for the reading of the will. The boys arrive on a rainy night only to discover that Ebenezer was murdered.

Hog Wild
Released May 31, 1930. Ollie attempts to erect a radio aerial upon the roof, until Stan arrives causing no end of chaos, and sending Ollie crashing to the ground.

Released March 22, 1930. The boys must spend the night babysitting their sons, who are pint-sized versions of their fathers. As the title implies, their sons are less than angelic in their antics.

Released February 8, 1930. Stan sneaks out of the house with Ollie, unaware that the bottle of liquour he has procured has been "doctored" by Mrs Laurel.

Below Zero
Released April 26, 1930. Stan and Ollie are down-and-out musicians, who find a lost wallet, which unfortunately for them is the property of the local cop, who they take for a meal, with the intention of paying with the money they have found.

Bear Shooters
No synopsis available.

Another Fine Mess
Released November 29, 1930. While Colonel Buckshot is on safari, Stan and Ollie seek shelter in his basement. But when a young couple wishes to rent the home, Ollie must pass himself off as the Colonel, while Stan pretends to be both the maid and the butler. This film is a reworking of the 1927 silent short, Duck Soup.

The Slippery Pearls...AKA The Stolen Jools
Released April 1931. The Boys play assistants to a detective in this all-star short.

Pardon Us
Released August 15, 1931. The boys sell some home made alcohol to a cop during the prohibition.Sentenced to prison, they find it difficult to get along with their tough cell mate. After a prison break, they end up amongst the cotton fields where they are eventually caught. They inadvertently thwart another prison break, which eventually gets them pardoned.

Our Wife
Released May 16, 1931. Due to the Bride's Father's objection to the marriage, Ollie and his fiancee are forced to elope.

One Good Turn
Released October 31, 1931. When a sweet old lady provides a meal for Stan and Ollie, they overhear a villain threatening to evict her because her mortgage money has been stolen. To help the lady, the boys try to sell their car. A drunk, bidding on the car at an auction, accidentally sticks his wallet in Stan's pocket. When Ollie discovers Stan's new found fortune, he hands him over to the old lady as the thief. The result is that Ollie has made a "faux pas," because the old lady was only rehearsing for a play.

Laughing Gravy
Released April 4, 1931. Stan and Ollie attempt to smuggle their dog into their room. However preventing the Landlord from finding out seems to become a full time occupation.

Come Clean
Released September 19, 1931. Stan and Ollie go out to fetch some ice cream, when they stumble upon a woman about to throw herself off of a bridge. They stop her, only to find out that she now finds them responsible for her being alive and therefore they must now take care of her (or she'll accuse them of trying to kill her).

Chickens Come Home
Released February 21, 1931. Fertilizer salesman Ollie is running for mayor. But an affair he had years ago has come back to haunt him. While Ollie and his wife are hosting a dinner party, Stan tries, without success to keep the woman under control. When she turns up at the party, Ollie's happy evening and political career come to a somewhat abrupt end. This film is a remake of the 1927 silent short, Love 'Em and Weep.

Beau Hunks...AKA Beau Chumps
Released December 12, 1931. Devastated at being ditched by his true love "Jeanie-Weenie," Ollie decides to join the Foreign Legion in order to forget. Of course, Stan must go along too. The boys find themselves up against a tough Commandant who sends them to Fort Arid to protect the fort from the "Riffs." Stan and Ollie save the day by defeating the barefoot Riffs, with barrels of tacks.

Be Big
Released February 7, 1931. The boys are almost on their way to Atlantic City with their wives, when Ollie gets a phone call from a "lodge" buddy. The buddy tells Ollie that a party is being held in their honour that very evening. Ollie fakes an illness and sends the wives on ahead, promising that he and Stan will meet them in the morning.

Towed in a Hole
Released December 31, 1932. Stan and Ollie are mobile fishmongers, who decide to buy a boat to save money. Naturally the boat is a wreck, although somehow the boys manage to restore it to it's former glory, only to end up destroying it again.

Their First Mistake
Released November 5, 1932. Mrs. Hardy is upset that her husband spends too much time with Stan. So Stan suggests that Ollie adopts a baby, to occupy his wife so that they could go out. However,when they return home with the baby, the boys find out that Mrs. Hardy has filed for a divorce.

Released September 10, 1932. Having been banned from town by an angry judge, the boys help out a drunk and take him home. The drunk leaves when he realizes that he is in the wrong house. The boys innocently help the lady of the house, who has passed out, by plying her with what they believe to be water, but is in fact neat gin. Her husband comes home to find his wife sozzled, along with Stan and Ollie . Unfortunately for The Boys, the husband is none other than the judge who banned them from town

Pack Up Your Troubles
Released September 17, 1932. Laurel & Hardy take care of the daughter of one of their war buddies, who didn't make it home. The boys search for the girl's grandparents. All that they know is their last name is Smith and they live in New York.

On the Loose
Released December 26, 1931. A cameo appearance by Laurel and Hardy in this Thelma Todd and ZaSu Pitts short film.

The Music Box
Released April 16, 1932. In this well known, and possibly best remembered film, Stan and Ollie have to deliver a piano...up several flights of stairs. They resort to making a block and tackle, to attempt to haul the piano through the window.

Released January 23, 1932. Ollie is in big trouble; his wife is due home at midday and his house is a complete wreck from a party the night before. He calls Stan to help him. The house eventually gets cleaned up, in spite of Stan's help. While Ollie goes to fetch his wife, Stan tries to build a fire in the fireplace. Ollie returns home with a black eye, no wife, and sees that Stan has accidentally burned down Ollie's home.

County Hospital
Released June 25, 1932. Thanks to Stan's efforts, a recuperating Ollie is discharged early from the hospital. While waiting for Ollie to be discharged, Stan accidentally injects himself with a sedative filled needle. With a heavily sedated Stan driving, the journey home is somewhat eventful.

The Chimp
Released May 21, 1932. When the circus goes bankrupt, Stan wins the flea circus and Ollie wins "Ethel" the chimp in lieu of their salary. The boys have their work cut out for them trying to get Ethel past their landlord, whose wife is also named Ethel. Chaos reigns when the landlord hears the name Ethel coming from the boys' room. Strikingly similar to Laughing Gravy in some respects, although considerably more complexed and funnier.

Any Old Port!
Released March 5, 1932. After the Manager of The Boys' hotel vows vengeance upon them for ruining his marriage plans, they hit the streets in need of some quick cash. Stan enters a boxing match to win some money, and naturally finds that his opponent is none other than the hotel manager.

Wild Poses
Released October 28, 1933. The boys have a cameo in this Our Gang short, once again playing children (as in Brats).

Twice Two
Released February 25, 1932. The boys are celebrating their wedding anniversaries, as a result of marrying each others' sister. Mrs. Laurel and Mrs. Hardy don't seem to be able to function any better together than their husbands.

Sons of the Desert
Released December 29, 1933. The boys take an oath at their lodge, pledging that they will attend the annual convention in Chicago. Unfortunately, their wives won't let them go. So Ollie fakes illness, telling his wife that the only cure is a voyage at sea. He insists that Stan goes with him. As they return from the convention, they find that the ship they were supposidly on has sunk and many of the passengers are missing.

The Midnight Patrol
Released August 3, 1933. Officers Laurel and Hardy are sent to investigate a man breaking into a house. Unfortunately they lose the address. When they find the house, they break in in order to get their man. However, the man is none other than their Chief.

Me and My Pal
Released April 22, 1933. Ollie is to marry the daughter of a rich oil merchant (James Finlayson). However, on the big day, Stan arrives with his wedding present ,a jigsaw puzzle, which everyone becomes obsessed with completing.

Dirty Work
Released November 25, 1933. Stan and Ollie visit a mad professor, to clean his chimney, and become embroiled in his experiments. (Reviewed November 1997)

The Devil's Brother...AKA Bogus Bandits
...AKA Fra Diavlo
...AKA The Virtuous Tramps
Released May 5, 1933. Stan and Ollie have their life's savings stolen by a bandit. They decide to become bandits themselves, in order to get their money back. Ollie takes the name of Fra Diavolo, a ruthless bandit known by all. Unfortunately, their first victim is the real Fra Diavolo. After being captured, the boys are forced to become the henchmen of the evil bandit.

Busy Bodies
Released October 7, 1933. Stan and Ollie work at a sawmill, where they create one mess after another, including sawing a car in two!

Them Thar Hills
Released July 21, 1934. On the advice of the doctor, Ollie who is suffering from "hornophobia", as a result of working in a horn factory, is ordered to take a trip to the mountains. Naturally Stan goes with him. The unsuspecting Laurel and Hardy drink plenty of spiked mountain water and share it with the stranded Mrs. Hall, while Mr. Hall refuels his car. He returns to find his drunken wife and the boys.(Mr and Mrs Hall appear in Tit for Tat).

Oliver the Eighth
Released February 13, 1934. Ollie responds to a newspaper ad from a wealthy widow who is seeking a husband. When Stan finds out, he wants his share of the money. Unfortunately, the woman was once jilted by a man named Oliver, and she seeks to find her revenge on Mr Hardy.

The Live Ghost
Released December 8, 1934 (Sound - two reels) After being paid to shanghai some men, the boys end up recieving the same treatment. The crew believes that their ship is haunted, which angers the captain. He threatens to injure anyone who says the word "ghost" in his presence. When the boys see a shipmate covered in white paint, they believe him to be dead, and announce to the captain that they've seen a ghost.

Hollywood Party....AKA Hollywood Revue of 1933
Released June 1, 1934. Stan and Ollie are the uninvited guests of "Schnarzan's" Hollywood Party. Baron Munchausen has given The Boys a dud cheque as payment for lions they sold him. They have come to Schnarzan's party to collect from the Baron.

Going Bye Bye
Released June 23, 1934. The boys' courtroom testimony helps to convict a criminal, who vows his revenge as soon as he can break out of prison. The boys decide to leave town. They find a woman who will join them, in order to share expenses. Unfortunately, her boyfriend got locked in a trunk and the boys free him only to find out that he is in fact the criminal that they helped get convicted!

Babes In Toyland
...AKA Laurel and Hardy in Toyland
...AKA March of the Wooden Soldiers
...AKA Revenge is Sweet
...AKA Wooden Soldiers
Released November 30, 1934. Stannie Dum and Ollie Dee do their best to keep Mother Peep from being evicted by the evil Silas Barnaby. When that fails, Bo Peep reluctantly agrees to marry Barnaby to save Mother Peep. Thanks to Stan and Ollie's trickery, the marriage is botched and Mother Peep's overdue mortgage is ripped up. Barnaby takes out his revenge by rounding up the Bogeymen to finish off Toyland. The Boys and the Wooden Soldiers come to the rescue and save the day.

Tit for Tat
Released January 5, 1935. The boys own an electrical supply store. They are unable to strike up a friendship with the neighboring grocery store owner. The result is an exchange of disturbances in both stores. Nominated as the Best Short Subject Comedy in January 1936. The sequel to Them Thar Hills.

Thicker than Water
Released August 6, 1935. When Ollie misses a payment on his furniture, Stan convinces him to get all of the money from the bank and pay the furniture off. Along the way, they manage to spend most of the money on a grandfather clock at an auction. Of course, the clock is smashed by a truck on the way home.

The Fixer Uppers
Released February 9, 1935. The boys are selling greeting cards door to door, when they meet Mrs. Pierre Gustave. Upset with her husband due to his lack of attention, she offers Ollie $50 to make her husband jealous. Ollie is so convincing, that Pierre challenges Ollie to as duel at midnight.

Bonnie Scotland
Released August 23, 1935. While on the lam, McLaurel and Hardy end up in Scotland to lay claim on an inheritance. When the boys see an ad for a free suit from a local tailor shop, they mistakenly go to the wrong shop and wind up in the Army.

Our Relations
Released October 30, 1936. Bert and Alf are a couple of sailors on shore leave, in the same town that Stan and Ollie live. Unknown to any of them, Aft and Bert are Stan and Ollie's identical twin brothers. When the sailors get hold of their captain's valuable ring, a couple of robbers come after The Boys. Unfortunately, they are after the wrong pair.

On the Wrong Trek
Released June 1936. Laurel and Hardy have a cameo as hitchhikers in this Charley Chase short.

The Bohemian Girl
Released February 14, 1936. The boys adopt an abandoned gypsy girl, only later to find out that she is really a princess. Possibly one of Laurel and Hardy's worst films.

Way Out West
Released April 16, 1937. Stan and Ollie arrive in Brushwood Gulch, to deliver the deed to a gold mine to the daughter of an old friend. Fin passes off his girlfriend as the daughter, so the boys giver her the deed. When they realize their mistake, they try everything they can to steal the deed back. Way Out West features the well known "Trail of the Lonesome Pine", which is perhaps the funniest moment of the film.

Pick A Star...AKA Movie Struck
Released May 20, 1937. A young girl comes to Hollywood, hoping to get her big break in the movies. At a studio, she happens upon Stan and Ollie as they shoot a couple of scenes.

Swiss Miss
Released May 20, 1938. Unable to pay their dinner bill, Stan and Ollie have to work at the Alpen Hotel to pay off their debt. Composer Victor Albert goes to the hotel to create his masterpiece, only to be followed by his wife, Anna. She is disguised as the hotel chambermaid and Ollie falls in love with her. In the end, Anna and Victor have a happy reunion and a gorilla gets its' revenge on The Boys after an earlier encounter.

Released August 19, 1938. Stan has spent twenty years guarding a trench, without realising that the war has ended. Ollie brings Stan, his old war buddy, over for a home cooked meal. Ollie soon finds out that his friend hadn't changed a bit in the twenty years since the war. Ollie's car is wrecked, his apartment blown up, and his marriage ruined shortly after Stan's arrival.

The Flying Deuces
Released November 3, 1939. Ollie is in love with a woman. When he find out that she is already married, he tries to kill himself. Of course, the suicide is prevented and the boys join the Foreign Legion to get away from their troubles. Eventually, they are arrested for trying to desert the Legion and escape the firing squad by stealing a plane.

Saps at Sea
Released May 3, 1940. A doctor prescribes an ocean voyage, to cure Ollie of his illness. So Stan and Ollie hire a boat. They plan on leaving it tied to the dock, until their goat eats through the mooring line. Worst of all, an escaped criminal is hiding on the boat, which is now adrift at sea.

A Chump at Oxford
Released February 16, 1940. After thwarting a bank robbery, the boys are rewarded with an education at Oxford. When Stan gets hit on the head, he becomes the brilliant Lord Paddington, an Oxford scholar of years passed.

Great Guns
Released October 10, 1941. Stan and Ollie enlist in the army to protect their sickly, recently drafted friend. During war games, the boys are taken as prisoners by the enemy camp. Thanks to their friend and Stan's pet crow, the enemy's secrets are discovered and the war is won by the Laurel and Hardy camp.

A Haunting We Will Go
Released August 7, 1942 (Feature) Given 24 hours to leave town, Laurel and Hardy answer an advertisment for a free trip to Dayton, however they must accompany a coffin. Unknown to the boys, the coffin contains a "live" wanted fugitive. They wind up working for Dante the Magician, when two con men sell the boys a fake money-making machine and take all their money.

Tree in a Test Tube
Released 1943. A wartime film, in which the boys demonstrate different types of wood products.

Released June 11, 1943. The boys meet up with a young man selling pills that turn water into petrol. The boys go into business with this man, at a carnival in Midvale. The man and his two business partners end up conning a con man in order to help a friend.

The Dancing Masters
Released November 19, 1943. The boys run a dance studio and Trudy Harlan is their favorite student. Her boyfriend has invented a powerful new weapon that he would like to demonstrate to her father, who makes weapons. Of course, the father does not like his daughter's boyfriend. Stan passes himself off as a foreign inventor and demonstrates the weapon to Trudy's father.

Air Raid Wardens
Released April 4, 1943. The boys want to do their part for the war effort, but they are rejected by every branch of the military. They settle on becoming Civil Defense wardens. When they find that their business partner is a Nazi spy, they alert the Civil Defense in order to stop his plans of blowing up the local magnesium plant.

Nothing But Trouble
Released March 1945. The boys adopt an orphan, who is really a boy king in exile. After being sacked from their job as butlers, they find a new employer. Unknown to them, they are working for the boy's Uncle, who wants to poison the King.

The Big Noise
Released September 1944. Inventor Alva Hartley hires detectives Laurel and Hardy to keep a close watch on his recently created bomb. After experiencing strange happenings in the Hartley home, the boys are told to take a fake bomb to Washington D.C., as a deceptive move to throw some gangsters off the inventor's trail. Unfortunately, the boys have the real bomb with them.

The Bullfighters
Released May 18, 1945. Now living in Mexico, Richard K. Muldoon remembers the two men who sent him to prison and promises revenge on them. The two men are of course Stan and Ollie, who are detectives in Mexico. Muldoon and his partner have booked famed matador, Don Sebastian (an exact double of Stan), for a bullfight. When Sebastian doesn't show up on time, Stan and Ollie try to fool Muldoon...unsuccessfully.

Atoll K
Released November 21, 1951. Stan and Ollie set sail for an island that they have inherited. On the way, they hit a storm and are beached on an atoll. There, they find an abundance of Uranium. They form a new Country and Ollie becomes President. When fortune hunters invade the island, it sinks.

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