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Welcome! You found my little corner of the Interwebs! I suspect you've found your way here through either my Laurel and Hardy website, or my blog. Excellent choices!

So. A little about me.. I'm Darren, better known online as Ollie, for reasons which are either obvious, or which will become apparent!

I'm on the wrong side of 40, live in the south of England, and am, as the bulk of this site attests, a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy. I'm also a fan of heavy metal, with a particular fondness for power metal bands, such as Sonata Arctica, Gamma Ray, Helloween, and all the other bands you've never heard of. Musical tastes aren't limited to metal, and I'm equally happy listening to a good dose of Neil Diamond, Abba, or Roy Orbison.

I'm a certified PC technician, a former Nurse, and prior to that I worked in Agricultural Engineering.

I'm a keen Twitter user, blogger and all round "mouth on legs", and can be found spouting my opinions on one of the links below. I'm a cancer survivor, and spend my time attempting to raise awareness of testicular cancer (my cancer of choice!), and the need for self examination. Cancer ate one of my balls.. I got to it quickly, and avoided all of the unpleasant, adjuvant treatments and therapies; if I can help anyone else do the same, my "crusade" has purpose!

Aside from Laurel and Hardy and Heavy Metal, Doctor Who, and science fiction in general, is a big passion. I'm also a very vocal atheist, with a keen interest in evolutionary biology.

I have very little patience, an acid tongue, and I don't suffer fools gladly!

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